lxml changelog

0.7 (2005-06-15)

Features added

  • parameters (XPath expressions) can now be passed to XSLT using keyword parameters.
  • Simple XInclude support. Calling the xinclude() method on a tree will process any XInclude statements in the document.
  • XMLSchema support. Use the XMLSchema class or the convenience xmlschema() method on a tree to do XML Schema (XSD) validation.
  • Added convenience xslt() method on tree. This is less efficient than the XSLT object, but makes it easier to write quick code.
  • Added convenience relaxng() method on tree. This is less efficient than the RelaxNG object, but makes it easier to write quick code.
  • Make it possible to use XPathEvaluator with elements as well. The XPathEvaluator in this case will retain the element so multiple XPath queries can be made against one element efficiently. This replaces the second argument to the .evaluate() method that existed previously.
  • Allow registerNamespace() to be called on an XPathEvaluator, after creation, to add additional namespaces. Also allow registerNamespaces(), which does the same for a namespace dictionary.
  • Add 'prefix' attribute to element to be able to read prefix information. This is entirely read-only.
  • It is possible to supply an extra nsmap keyword parameter to the Element() and SubElement() constructors, which supplies a prefix to namespace URI mapping. This will create namespace prefix declarations on these elements and these prefixes will show up in XML serialization.

Bugs fixed

  • Killed yet another memory management related bug: trees created using newDoc would not get a libxml2-level dictionary, which caused problems when deallocating these documents later if they contained a node that came from a document with a dictionary.
  • Moving namespaced elements between documents was problematic as references to the original document would remain. This has been fixed by applying xmlReconciliateNs() after each move operation.
  • Can pass None to 'dump()' without segfaults.
  • tostring() now works properly for non-root elements as well.
  • Cleaned out the tostring() method so it should handle encoding correctly.
  • Cleaned out the ElementTree.write() method so it should handle encoding correctly. Writing directly to a file should also be faster now, as there is no need to go through a Python string in that case. Made sure the test cases test both serializing to StringIO as well as serializing to a real file.

0.6 (2005-05-14)

Features added

  • Changed setup.py so that library_dirs is also guessed. This should help with compilation on the Mac OS X platform, where otherwise the wrong library (shipping with the OS) could be picked up.
  • Tweaked setup.py so that it picks up the version from version.txt.

Bugs fixed

  • Do the right thing when handling namespaced attributes.
  • fix bug where tostring() moved nodes into new documents. tostring() had very nasty side-effects before this fix, sorry!

0.5.1 (2005-04-09)

0.5 (2005-04-08)

Initial public release.