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Class PythonElementClassLookup

                  object --+        
    etree.ElementClassLookup --+    
etree.FallbackElementClassLookup --+

PythonElementClassLookup(self, fallback=None) Element class lookup based on a subclass method.

To use it, inherit from this class and override the lookup method to lookup the element class for a node:

lookup(self, document, node_proxy)

The first argument is the opaque document instance that contains the Element. The second arguments is a lightweight Element proxy implementation that is only valid during the lookup. Do not try to keep a reference to it. Once the lookup is done, the proxy will be invalid.

If you return None from this method, the fallback will be called.

Instance Methods
a new object with type S, a subtype of T
__new__(T, S, ...)
lookup(self, doc, element)
Override this method to implement your own lookup scheme.

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__new__(T, S, ...)

Returns: a new object with type S, a subtype of T
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