Package lxml :: Module _elementpath
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Module _elementpath

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findall(string[, pos[, endpos]]) --> list.
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prepare_tag(next, token) source code
prepare_star(next, token) source code
prepare_dot(next, token) source code
prepare_iter(next, token) source code
prepare_dot_dot(next, token) source code
prepare_predicate(next, token) source code
_build_path_iterator(path) source code
iterfind(elem, path) source code
find(elem, path) source code
findall(elem, path) source code
findtext(elem, path, default=None) source code
Variables [hide private]
  ops = {"": prepare_tag, "*": prepare_star, ".": prepare_dot, "...
  _cache = {}
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findall(string[, pos[, endpos]]) --> list. Return a list of all non-overlapping matches of pattern in string.

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{"": prepare_tag, "*": prepare_star, ".": prepare_dot, "..": prepare_d\
ot_dot, "//": prepare_iter, "[": prepare_predicate,}