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Module cssselect

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CSS Selectors based on XPath.

This module supports selecting XML/HTML tags based on CSS selectors. See the CSSSelector class for details.

This is a thin wrapper around cssselect 0.7 or later.

Classes [hide private]
A custom CSS selector to XPath translator with lxml-specific extensions.
lxml extensions + HTML support.
A CSS selector.
Functions [hide private]
_make_lower_case(context, s) source code
Variables [hide private]
  external_cssselect = __import__('cssselect')
  SelectorSyntaxError = external_cssselect.SelectorSyntaxError
  ExpressionError = external_cssselect.ExpressionError
  SelectorError = external_cssselect.SelectorError
  ns = etree.FunctionNamespace('')