Package lxml :: Package tests :: Module test_io :: Class IOTestCaseBase
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Class IOTestCaseBase

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               object --+        
        unittest.TestCase --+    
common_imports.HelperTestCase --+
Known Subclasses:

(c)ElementTree compatibility for IO functions/methods
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Inherited from unittest.TestCase: failureException

Instance Methods [hide private]
Setting up a minimal tree
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Hook method for deconstructing the test fixture after testing it.
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getTestFilePath(self, name) source code
buildNodes(self, element, children, depth) source code
test_tree_io(self) source code
test_tree_io_latin1(self) source code
test_write_filename(self) source code
test_write_invalid_filename(self) source code
test_module_parse_gzipobject(self) source code
test_class_parse_filename(self) source code
test_class_parse_filename_remove_previous(self) source code
test_class_parse_fileobject(self) source code
test_class_parse_unamed_fileobject(self) source code
test_module_parse_large_fileobject(self) source code
test_module_parse_fileobject_error(self) source code
test_module_parse_fileobject_late_error(self) source code
test_module_parse_fileobject_type_error(self) source code

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  etree = None

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Setting up a minimal tree
Overrides: unittest.TestCase.setUp


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Hook method for deconstructing the test fixture after testing it.
Overrides: unittest.TestCase.tearDown
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