Package lxml :: Module doctestcompare :: Class LHTMLOutputChecker
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Class LHTMLOutputChecker

OutputChecker --+    
LXMLOutputChecker --+

Method Summary
    Inherited from LXMLOutputChecker
  check_output(self, want, got, optionflags)
Return True iff the actual output from an example (got) matches the expected output (want).
  collect_diff(self, want, got, html, indent)
  collect_diff_end_tag(self, want, got)
  collect_diff_tag(self, want, got)
  collect_diff_text(self, want, got, strip)
  compare_docs(self, want, got)
  format_doc(self, doc, html, indent, prefix)
  format_end_tag(self, el)
  format_tag(self, el)
  format_text(self, text, strip)
  get_parser(self, want, got, optionflags)
  html_empty_tag(self, el, html)
  output_difference(self, example, got, optionflags)
Return a string describing the differences between the expected output for a given example (example) and the actual output (got).
  text_compare(self, want, got, strip)
  _looks_like_markup(self, s)
    Inherited from OutputChecker
  _do_a_fancy_diff(self, want, got, optionflags)

Class Variable Summary
    Inherited from LXMLOutputChecker
tuple empty_tags = ('param', 'img', 'area', 'br', 'basefont', ...

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