Stefan Behnel - main developer and maintainer

Martijn Faassen - creator of lxml and initial main developer

Ian Bicking - creator and maintainer of lxml.html

Holger Joukl - bug reports, feedback and development on lxml.objectify

Sidnei da Silva - official MS Windows builds

Marc-Antoine Parent - XPath extension function help and patches

Olivier Grisel - improved (c)ElementTree compatibility patches,
website improvements.

Kasimier Buchcik - help with specs and libxml2

Florian Wagner - help with copy.deepcopy support, bug reporting

Emil Kroymann - help with encoding support, bug reporting

Slou - help with index() support, bug reporting

Paul Everitt - bug reporting, feedback on API design

Victor Ng - Discussions on memory management strategies, vlibxml2

Robert Kern - feedback on API design

Andreas Pakulat - rpath linking support, doc improvements

Steve Howe - Windows builds

David Sankel - building statically on Windows

... and lots of other people who contributed to lxml by reporting bugs, discussing its functionality or blaming the docs for the bugs in their code. Thank you all, user feedback and discussions form a very important part of an Open Source project!

Special thanks goes to: