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Module ElementInclude

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Limited XInclude support for the ElementTree package.

While lxml.etree has full support for XInclude (see etree.ElementTree.xinclude()), this module provides a simpler, pure Python, ElementTree compatible implementation that supports a simple form of custom URL resolvers.

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default_loader(href, parse, encoding=None) source code
_lxml_default_loader(href, parse, encoding=None, parser=None) source code
_wrap_et_loader(loader) source code
include(elem, loader=None, base_url=None) source code
_include(elem, loader=None, _parent_hrefs=None, base_url=None) source code
Variables [hide private]
  XINCLUDE = '{}'
  XINCLUDE_INCLUDE = '{}include'
  XINCLUDE_FALLBACK = '{}fallback'
  __package__ = 'lxml'